According to the Immediate Edge website, earnings of 560 US dollars per hour or 13,000 US dollars per day can be achieved. Feedback and reviews from users show that investors can make immensely high profits with this innovative tool.
However, it is quite understandable that there is a certain scepticism towards the software that automatically trades cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the question is: does the Immediate Edge robot work and can it be trusted?
The following article provides comprehensive information about the Immediate Edge bot based on Edge-erfahrungen-de/.


Immediate Edge – what is it?

This is a software application that makes it possible to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
As can be read on the official website of Immediate Edge, the robot uses the most advanced trading algorithms. This makes it possible for everyone, both professionals and beginners, to achieve very good profits in the cryptocurrency sector.
The trader does not have to be a financial expert for crypto trading or other markets. With the Immediate Edge software, trading is done automatically. In doing so, the programme analyses huge amounts of data so quickly that an experienced trader who understands the technology behind it could not.

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Opinions about Immediate Edge

The exact statistics of my success were not clear to me. Nevertheless, I was very successful with it. I am by no means a millionaire, rather an average man who even had debts. Now my situation is such that thanks to Immediate Edge I have no more debts. I can only say that Immediate Edge has changed my life for the better and that is no joke.

Advantages and disadvantages

No fees: The usual withdrawal and transaction fees are charged. There are no more fees for further trading, including no commissions.
User interface: Immediate Edge’s platform is very easy to use and is therefore ideal for beginners.
Very reputable: The resounding success of Immediate Edge indicates that it is a reputable trading bot.
Full control: With Immediate Edge’s bot, the appropriate settings can be adjusted by the user.
Demo account: Before depositing money, beginners in particular should first practice the settings with the demo account. Only when there is a certain level of security can the investment be increased.

No mobile app: You can only access the bot via a web browser. Nevertheless, the platform works with Android and iOS.


Especially in the years and months, a lot has been reported about Immediate Edge’s trading robot. Also about how many traders were able to meet the great demands. The Immediate Edge bot proves that automated trading with Bitcoin works and that the bots are serious. It can also be assumed that the high-tech algorithms continue to improve from day to day.
So if you are looking for a crypto trading bot that is also reputable and that brings a very good return, traders should register directly with Immediate Edge and open an account. However, beginners in particular should bear in mind that every investment carries a certain risk. Therefore, the deposits should be kept small at the beginning. The investment should only be increased when the necessary security in trading with Bitcoin exists.
It is certain that investors who already have experience with trading cryptocurrencies are more than successful with Immediate Edge.
In conclusion, Immediate Edge is quite convincing because of the way it works and the clear platform. Since the algorithm works well, high profits can be expected. Since the bot trades automatically, the investor only needs to observe it and adjust the settings if necessary.

How does Immediate Edge compare to other bots?

We are of the opinion that Immediate Edge is a serious trading bot that even performs better than other competitors. However, investors still have the option of choosing other bots.
These are the reasons why Immediate Edge can be recommended without any restrictions.